Dear Daughter,
You are a determined smart energetic passionate loving young lady. You are the smartest person I have ever seen. You can do anything with you strong passion. Yes you are amazingly beautiful and you photograph very well, but I hope more people see past that and get to know the real you!
Growing up in this world will be tough, but I will be here walking next to you every step of the way! I want to help you explore the world, but I also want to watch you explore on your own. So when I step back don’t be afraid you are doing amazing!
I want you to love yourself more and more with every day. You are amazing. Every single part of you. If you ever doubt that I will be here to tell you. From head to toe, you are perfect. I hope that you will always stay kind. There is not enough kind in the world and you would do anything for anyone. I hope the world never robs you of that. You are also extremely humble right now. Always take care of what you have and never ask for more than you need.
Believe in your self is just as important as loving your self. You will always have people rooting for you, but you will have just as many trying to tear you down. Just know that you can absolutely do anything that you set your mind to! If you don’t succeed the first time try again; it is so important that you never ever give up.
I hope you will always love you even if we aren’t seeing eye to eye. I guide you the best way I know how & I hope you never hate me for the choices I have made and will make because I was thinking of you and only you when I make them.


27 thoughts on “Dear Lillia

  1. I am so glad that your daughter will have that letter to look back at and know how important she is to you! Some times reaching for a letter is an easier reminder then asking for the real thing when it’s needed.


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