Do you feel like you are struggling to try to fit in everything you need and want to teach in your homeschooling day? Well, I have this free online event that I want to share with you. The homeschool fitting-it-all-in online summit event will run from April 30th – May 6th. There are 25+ homeschooling and parent speakers attending this event that will help you decide what matters to your family while creating a workable homeschool plan.

This event will include video interviews, question and answer discussions, as well as free and discounted resources. All Speaker Image - Free (1)

Here is a look at some of your speakers!
and remember its all free!

Click here and join us.. Remember its FREE

Let’s take a look at some of our speakers!

On day one on April 30th, you will see Ray Comfort speaking on how to bring your children to Christ and keeping then there.. Speaker Image With Time_Comfort

Day two on May 1st you will see Davis Carman speaking on smooth homeschool sailing – dads role in charting the course, Karen DeBeus speaking on real homeschooling – letting go of Pinterest perfect and Instagram ideal homeschool, Steve Demme telling us what are big rocks, Kevin Swanson speaking about struggling to fit it all in – maybe you have the wrong box, and last but not least Israel and Brook Wayne speaking about navigating the journey through the homeschool buffet.


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Day three on May 2ed you will get to see Victoria Botkin speaking on five principles that can help you fit it all in, Katherine Loop talking about Christ at the center of every subject…including math, Deanne Crawford and Janice Price talking about charting your way through high school- testing transcripts and all that, and last but not least Amy Roberts speaking about techniques for multi-level schooling.


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On Day four, May 3rd, you will see Rachael Carman speaking about obsessive-compulsive perfectionist control freaks chill out, Sharon Fisher talking about homeschooling on empty- biblical principals for relationships and practical tips for home management, Tauna Meyer speaking on homemaking tips and tricks for the busy homeschool mom, Alex and Cassie Michael speaking about fitting it all in your budget, and last but not least Marcia Washburn talking on management for moms- friendly advice from a homeschool vet.


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Day five on May 4th, you will get to hear from Bob and Debbie Fine speaking about homeschooling through hard times and extracurricular activities, Rob Rienow talking about raising siblings with kingdom vision, Sonya Shafer speaking on laying down the rails, Kevin Swanson back with building your family culture – fitting in like outside of school and last but not least Hal and Melanie Young about how to be happily married while homeschooling.


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Day six on May 5th you will see David, Lori, Jason, and Tori Benham speaking about how to face your fears and stay faithful to your eternal priorities, Scott and Deborah Brown about the overwhelmed productive mom, Nancy Campbell speaking on being a women of the word, and last but not least Emeal and Rachel Zwayne talking about the ultimate goal of education.


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May 5th you will also hear about building your team and May 6th you will hear about external priorities


Don’t forget you can attend the event for FREE by clicking here!


30 thoughts on “Are you having a homeschool over load?

  1. This looks like an amazing event for those that home school. It can definitely feel like you can’t get it all done but you can with a plan.

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  2. These seems so helpful for families that are or interested in homeschool! I feel like more and more people are getting homeschooled or cyber schooled!

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