I wish I could say it is all joys… but we are really struggling with this. We were not ready for this move. We have been here for 5 years and all of a sudden we are being forced to move.

You see about 3 years back our landlord passed away & his son inherited the house we live in. Now he is trying to sell the house we live in so we are being told we have to be out immediately. We have nothing saved up, no leads on anywhere to live & we are way overly stressed out.

But we are not giving up! We will make the best of all of this! There is a very long list of things wrong with the current property we live at and we are trying to get rid of those. it has been a goal of ours for a while but we are just being pushed to do it a few months sooner then it would have been ideal for us.

We are just trying to focus right now and not get to overwhelmed in all of the negative in this situation because as of right now there is little good, but long term this will be the best thing that is going to happen.

So what would you all like to hear about? It would help me to write about something you want to hear.. Kind of like a distraction to what actually is happening in my life… Would you like more schooling posts, or photography related posts, or something completely different? You let me know.





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