As much as you want to believe it is just a movie it is so real for so many.

I was bullied throughout school. It lasted almost the entire time I was in school. For years and years, I tried to hide, but there is no escaping it. It got worse and worse as time went on. I self-harmed often. It wasn’t something I learned from the TV or internet or even another teen… honestly self-harm just always felt right, It was a simple release of all the feelings I didn’t know how to handle when I was a teen. I never wanted to kill myself, but I just didn’t know what else I could do. A handful of people knew, but no one ever did anything about it. No one ever tried helping me or ever tried getting me to stop; not that it was their responsibility but I desperately wanted someone to reach out to me, to help me understand what was happening. I relate to the hopelessness feeling in school. No matter who you tell or who you express that you are being bullied no one is really stopping it. It also in most cases gets worse way before it gets better if it gets better at all. I definitely wish I had something like this series when I was in school.

13 Reasons Why deals with online (social-media) bullying, slut-shaming, gossip, rape, loneliness, gender & race privilege and the feeling that no one is there for you especially when you need it the most. I have not read the book, but the series is very fast paced, but it was well put together and really draws you in. Though a teen may not face all of these issues at one time they may face some of them and if they do not face them personally they know someone that is going through one or more of the issues that are in 13 Reasons Why.

13 Reasons Why gives parents and their teens’ ample opportunity to talk about everything. Gives teens opportunity to ask questions about things and where to go for help without bringing attention to them or their friends if they are not sure what to do with their feelings and thoughts. Make sure you talk with your children openly and unjudgementally about everything. Be prepared to be horrified, surprised, upset, sad.. without acting on those feelings with to much power. Teens may pretend they don’t want anything to do with their parents, but they desperately need a safe space that they can talk to an adult.

Please if you ever feel alone reach out to someone and if you feel there is no one that you can reach out to please call or text a number below.




47 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why – Why It Is Important

  1. Bullying has always been an alarming problem at schools. It’s a pity that no-one ever tried to come up with an effective solution. 13 Reasons Why left a huge impression on me for pointing that out!

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