So last week my 4-year-old got very sick. She has been for about 2 full weeks now.

This all started Sunday night. Lillia (my daughter) fell asleep before dinner time & if any of you knew her you know she absolutely loves her food! When I picked her up I instantly knew she was running a fever because she was burning up! She actually made me start sweating instantly when I picked her up.

Monday morning she started throwing up and still had a fever. We took her to a children’s emergency room. They gave her a urine test and wrote it off a UTI. Sent us home with some antibiotics and that was that.

Wednesday the emergency room called us and asked us to come back and get the urine tested a 2ed time claiming that the first time it just couldn’t be right. I figured they just mixed up the urine or spilled it or something. We got back to the emergency room and we instantly got a room. They got more urine and wanted to take some blood so they put an IV in her arm to take the blood. They then put some saline to replenish her system. We waited roughly like 2 hours.



They came back 2 nurses and a dr. and told me she had an upper kidney infection. & that they would like her to stay overnight to start her antibiotics. I rather be safe then sorry so of course, we stayed. Well, that 1 night turned into 3. We were not prepared at all for staying 3 nights.

They provided a lot because it was a children’s hospital they had tons of activities for the kids to do!



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They provided soaps and linen (bed and bath) and tooth cleaning supplies as well & 3 meals and all the snacks and drinks Lillia could have.

They, of course, didn’t supply clothes and food for parents. I dont drive so I kinda suffered through that. I would get dinner when we had a visitor in the afternoon. Her dad came up and spent every second he wasn’t working with us. my dad, my sister’s wife, and my mother-in-law also spent some time with us.

I will say by the last day we were definitely ready to go!



Overall our stay was very amazing considering we were there for a major infection.  Have you ever had a surprise hospital stay for your child or yourself? How did it go?


49 thoughts on “Stressful Toddler Hospital Stay

  1. This sounds so stressful and yet it seems as thought you were calm. I would have freaked out. Hope you are all well now. You have one very brave girl there!
    D, xo


  2. Oh my goodness. Our 2yo had those same tiger hospital gowns with the green trim when she was in the hospital. I am so glad your little one is better and home now! Ours woke up one Saturday morning, when I was almost 8 mos pregnant with her sister, and would not eat *or drink* ANYTHING – by Sunday night she’d lost over 10% of her body weight and her little body was shutting down. She spent over a week in the hospital before we eventually took her home on a feeding tube. She did start eating/drinking again eventually (and before her sister came, thank goodness!) – but still, they never figured out what was wrong with her, and that was one of the most stressful things I’ve ever been through! (And now, of course, whenever she goes through a picky phase with food – the child who usually loves EVERYTHING – I can’t help but overreact and my hubby has to remind me *not* to – she can’t remember any of it, thank goodness, but we can never forget that awful time…)

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