We packed a perfect bag for the emergency room! But definitely not the perfect bag to spend the night (or 3 nights!)

What we bought:

  • Lillia’s tablet
  • My laptop
  • 2 sets of headphones
  • 2 changes of clothes for Lillia
  • a small blanket for Lillia
  • Chargers for the tablet, my phone, and the laptop

What I wish we brought:

  • All of the above
  • 2 changes of clothes for me (there was a washer and dryer on the floor we could use if we brought enough clothes to change)
  • Blanket & pillow for me (they provided a sheet, blanket, and thin pillow for me but I would have liked a bit more comfort)
  • 2 towels (one for her and one for me – they provided linen but it was hand towels and washcloths)
  • Body wash & conditioner (they provided baby head-to-toe and baby lotion)
  • A few DVDs for the laptop (The tv had movies and children’s tv but they would often skip in peak hours when everyone was in the rooms)
  • Snacks & money (I had under $5 on me and they didn’t provide any food or drinks for the parent just ice water)

The hospital provided quite a few things for us- they gave Lillia an extra blanket, game, coloring book to take home. They also came to her room and made cookies and painted her nails. She got a visit from the mobile library where they read books to her as well as a therapy dog she was able to pet and play with. There was also always a playroom with tons of toys, books, and games she could visit (she could play there or take any of the things to her room to use)

If you ever had to rush to the Er or had a surprise hospital stay what are a few things you wish you would have grabbed?


16 thoughts on “What I wish I had packed for the hospital

  1. I was rushed to the ER for emergency surgery before. I was all alone and in intense pain thus I only brought my 1/2 charged cell phone. AND THAT IS IT. So I had no idea what my insurance information was. My phone died so I couldn’t tell my family (in another state) where I was. And it wasn’t until about 5 days later did my parents show up the hospital! It’s crazy to think about honestly!


  2. I think that when you have an unexpected hospital stay there are always things you wish you would have brought. I know there were quite a few things I could have used during my son’s recent stay.

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  3. I never even thought about this but it’s probably a good idea to have a list. I feel like I would have taken the same things you did!

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  4. I know it is not on the list (unless I missed it), but I would wished I had brought a toothbrush. The feeling of not having brushed your teeth after many hours can be pretty bad.

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