What is Cervical Mucus (CM)?

Also known as cervical fluids are secreted by the glands found around the cervix. Hormones change your cervical mucus amount and consistency throughout your cycle.

What does Cervical Mucas do?

It has a very important job actually. it either prevents things from entering the uterus or it nourishes and transports sperm to the uterus.


What causes the mucus to change to different stages?

Before ovulation estrogen leads to increased stretchy mucus. This helps the sperm to survive and get to their destination better. After ovulation progesterone causes the mucus to become sticky and thick. this stops any substance including sperm to get through to the uterus easily. There are roughly 4 different stages of cervical mucus. Dry & sticky, cream-like lotion, wet and liquidy, and a raw egg white consistency. Its best to have baby-making sex in the wet or egg white stages this is when ovulation is approaching.

Now you maybe wondering how you check your cervical fluids.

  • With clean hands find a comfortable position squatting is relatively the easiest
  • Slide 2 fingers inside of your vaginal opening (index and middle are generally the best) Getting a sample from near your cervix is ideal.
  • Remove fingers and observe the consistency (make sure you include this in your charting!) sticky means your probably not ovulating yet, creamy means ovulation may be coming doon, watery and slightly stretchy means ovulation is right around the corner, and when it stretches very well (about an inch) and is like a raw egg white you are about to ovulate and is the ideal time for baby making sex.
Please do not try to wash away cervical mucus. It is a very healthy and natural thing that your body needs to stay healthy even if you are not trying for a baby currently. You will also notice if you are not drinking enough water this will affect your mucus as well.

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