Clue is a menstruation tracking app. but it is so much more! It allows you to track anything you can think of.

It tracks. Period– Bleeding and collection methods. Body – craving, digestion. fluid, hair, pain, skin, stool, temperature and weight. Vitality– Emotions, energy, mental, motivation, sleep and social. Activities- Appointment,  exercise party, and sex, Medical– Alignment, IUD, injection, medication, patch, pill, ring, and tests. And other things by using tags.

When you first open the app it gives you a cycle wheel when you first open the app. Then you can choose to input through the wheel or the next tab which is your calendar tab. It also as a big green add button you could use directly to add or edit. Next is the Analysis app it goes all the way back to your first cycle using the app!  (mine is January 2015!) Then the more tab had all the other things. The clue encyclopedia, reminders, tracking options, settings, support, share, and all their terms and policies can be found on that tab as well.


I use Clue to keep track of everything. I use to chart on paper and then track everything else through other apps but overall it’s just simpler to use one place to hold all my information! And I love that I can back it up and transfer it between phones so all my data isn’t lost.

I love that it is not just a pink app either. it actually is nicely color coordinated per category! And it can be just a menstrual tracking app, a pregnancy planning app or anything in between. YOU are able to choose what you track and can even add or remove options from even popping up! You can also share your analysis with a press of the button so if your dr or partner would like to know whats going in its as easy as a click of a button.

Do you use clue or are now thinking about using clue? Let me know what you think..


14 thoughts on “Clue- Charting App.

  1. I have heard of glow. I think i tried it once but found it very limiting with customization. I hope you try clue try too remember to come let us know how you liked it


  2. This sounds like a helpful app. I always forget when I should be expecting my period, but this would definitely help with that!

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