Your partner is probably very anxious that she has yet to fall pregnant. You are the support system there are many things you can do to help. Here is a list of five things that I find important when you are trying to create a larger family.

LIsten to her. Sometimes all it takes is a caring person to listen and hold her while she is trying to deal with all her thoughts and feeling revolving around trying to have a baby. Easily remind her it takes the average couple around 12 months to conceive, but if it takes longer that is ok too. You may also find yourself needing the support of your partner. Reach out and let her know what you are feeling and thinking as well. It will strengthen your relationship.

Always offer to go to every doctor visit with her. This is not just her journey it is both of yours. It is your job to be just as knowledgeable as she is about what is going on! If you have any questions you can also inquire about information from the doctors when asking questions.

Get on the bandwagon of the healthier lifestyle. Make it fun. Not only is it improving both of your chances of conceiving quicker but also your lifespans!

Keep enjoying life as a couple. Before you know it it will no longer be just the two of you! take a vacation, get couple massages, go out on lots of dates. Keep life enjoyable for both of you.

Don’t forget to keep doing what you love as a couple. It is so important to keep your relationship strong. Life seems to fall to the side when trying to have a baby. Everything seems to revolve around that. It is important not to lose your self as a person though, you are not any less important then the baby you are trying to conceive. Encourage her to also do what she loves and keep up with her hobbies.


50 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Her Journey it’s Yours Too!

  1. When my wife was pregnant for each of our two kids, I could feel how she felt, and we’d been through side by side for the special weeks. As it was time to give birth to baby, I could feel how she was really at the border of life and death. Yes, it was really my journey too. Thanks for sharing..

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  2. When I was not pregnant yet, I used to feel like sh*t when people asked me weird stuff related to it and sometimes even my husband, but then, one day I decided to explain how it feels and things changed quite a bit, and he didn’t blame me for that afterward. We lived as a happy couple and when it was supposed to happen, it happened.
    I advise all of the couples who are not pregnant yet, to live and enjoy their life to it’s fullest because you won’t be able to do that often, after kids. so people, go out there and ENJOY!
    Things will happen when they are meant to be.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Rukh AZ

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