So what is the weather like where you live? We are from Ohio & its mid-summer. Definitely time for some water fun! People are raving about this blob so why not jump on the train? It is a very Simple DIY That I really hope you try!
-First, start by turning your iron on its lowest setting and putting it in a safe space to warm up. Then decide what size to make your blob. You can do personal blobs.. ( We Did ours 2-foot by 4-foot) or you can make one large blob for everyone to play on together. Remember it’s your DIY.
-Roll out your plastic, double it over and cut to the size you want (or don’t cut it at all and have a huge blob!).
-Cut about a 2-foot piece of parchment paper. Fold it in half lengthwise draw a line about 3 inches from the fold (you can do 4- inches or so if it’s a very large blob). You will be using the parchment paper and line as a guide of how far to iron the plastics together.
-Start on the edge of the plastic opposite of your fold, in a corner. Open the parchment and place the plastic inside aligning the top and bottom plastics the best you can.
-Now run your iron slowly (but not leaving it still) along the parchment paper making sure it never touches the plastic!!! That is very important. Putting the iron on bare plastic will make a big hole, a huge mess, and could cause a fire so let’s make sure it doesn’t happen! Less is better than too much. You can always go over it more than once but its harder to fix a melty mess…
– Let cool until it is touchable, then carefully slide the parchment paper around repeating the last step until you have about a 2-inch spot left unsealed. Make sure you let cool enough or you risk tearing and over thinning of the plastic
-When you have that 2-inch spot left stop… Take everything outside. Add your food coloring (we made purple and pink blobs but you can opt for no colors if you want) then add your hose and start filling it up.. You may have to hold or prop up the part that is not sealed up so the water doesn’t just automatically leak back out. Fill as full as you want. Make sure it has enough water that when you sit on it your butt doesn’t touch the ground!
-Use some duct tape to close up the hole (yes it will hold) or just seal it with the parchment paper and iron. (If you plan to use more then once I would use the duct tape) & if it springs a hole or leaks somewhere you can patch it with the parchment and iron if it is on the edge.. or just go in with an extra layer of duct tape!


Photo of a mini handheld size blob… We had so much fun with our large blob we forgot to take pictures =/

Tip 1- Make sure you find level ground or it will roll! If it rolls while you are on it you may get hurt!

Tip 2- Add way more food coloring then you think you will need! It dilutes a lot. When you think you have enough double it. Tripple it if you want it more vibrant!

Tip 3- Add small foamlike toys (note I said foamlike have you ever stepped on a lego? it hurts small toys would be too hard) or confetti for a fun themed or unthemed twist. But have a draining plan so the confetti or small toys don’t get left behind. It would definitely not good for the environment.

Tip 4- You can do personal sized lazy blobs and stay cool while reading and relaxing!

Are you going to keep it dry to relax and read on or get it wet and slip&slide?



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