Health Update – I went completely missing this past month. I got very sick around the 4th of July. I completely lost my voice for about a week and I still have a very bad cough, but no one else in my house seems to be catching it so I feel lucky on that note.

Life Update – We have also been searching for a place to live. We are needing to relocate due to personal reasons, but it was still quite necessary that we found a place quickly. It took us about 3 months and we are downsizing from a 3 bed to a 2 but we will make it work & it is only temporary. Our families 5-year plan is to buy our own home. So now we are packing and sorting through things to move towards the end of the month.

Pregnancy Update – To those of you that haven’t browsed through some of my blogs from last month we are trying to have a baby. I sadly did not conceive this month but I did ovulate at the correct time and had a beautifully dark OPK! I really think that the supplements I am taking are really helping! I will be talking more about that in my formal pregnancy update coming later this week, I hope you stay tuned to read that.



I am looking to talk to some fellow people that are struggling to conceive. I would really love to form a strong bond & have someone to talk to. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, a mom, or just someone that may understand and want to make a new friend I need you in my life!

Comment below with what you would like to see next. DIY, Pregnancy/TTC tips, life, school, craft, etc? I am open to all ideas & want to provide some more content that you would enjoy. 


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