I received this book for my daughter and it is just so fun not to share! My Way Home is made by The Kids Book Company. This is the first of 3 books they offer to customize. The three books are My Way Home, More Than I Can Count, and My Secret Unicorn.  My daughter can not wait to get the My Secret Unicorn!

Back to the book My Way Home. We love it! We are able to travel the entire world right before bedtime! You enter your child’s name, what country you are from and then pick from 8 icons (4 boy and 4 girl) that closest matches your child. Then on the next page, you add your city or hometown and a little message just from you to be placed in the front of the book. You immediately get a nice preview of the book. The book comes in a soft cover ($25 USD) or a digital file ($15 USD). You can also have the book gift wrapped ($4 UDS). Shipping is a bit lengthy at 12-18 days but you have to keep in mind that the book is very customized! And they take Paypal or any major credit card.

My way home is ideal for a child 8 or under, but honestly, any person could enjoy this.  Each book varies in size from 44-60 Pages and the size is base on what country your child is from. Sadly these books are only available in English, but they are working on other languages. They also have fundraising opportunities that you can check out.

I really urge you to check out this wonderful book my daughter had really enjoyed having a book that has her name in it and I bet your children will too!


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