So my kiddo has a bit of a stuffy nose & it’s on the chilly side outside today. (55*F) So we wanted to spend the day inside, My And Lillia have the same personality and we get on each other’s nerves quite quick when we are cooped up!  So what better way to spend our times indoors on a weekend then crafting?

We started by making our homemade suncatcher paint! We mixed a bunch of colors together to see what they would make. (Way to add some science learning into a fun activity extra mom points) Our recipe is on our blog check it out by clicking here.

We painted for about an hour and the paint was still good. We should have used resealable containers because this paint actually stores very nicely!

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We had a blast! They do take a little while to dry & we forgot to pick up some suction cups from the store but I definitely see us doing this again soon!

We are going to do some Thanksgiving themed ones next.. Anyone know how to mix the coloring in this recipe to make a brown?


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