The answer is YES. 100x over. We are always trying to conceive this next baby. We just needed a break from it being in the public eye. We were very busy and the steps to TTC take quite a bit of time and effort out of every day. This is literally on the time we wake up in the morning (and take our BBT- basal body temp) to the time we go to bed (or bd-baby dance). It can be very exhausting! then we started to blog it all and it added an even larger chunk of the day to be just about TTC.

We didn’t forget to update you on our progress or anything don’t worry you will be part of any celebrations we get to have! But for now, updates will be scarce as I am not sure what you would like to know.. If you have any requests let me know… We can talk about how many pills we take a day.. about how to use any of the equipment/tests we use.. about how this affects our sex life & our family life.. We are open to anything so dont be afraid to ask!

I just wanted to leave this photo with you in case you wanted a quick glance at our weekly life (and this isn’t even half of what we use!)



51 thoughts on “But Are We Still..

  1. I had no idea how much stuff was involved. I hope you have success soon I’m sure this process is extremely expensive and mentally exhausting. Good luck.

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  2. I can only imagine what this process is like. I have friends that are doing this same process + you are so right that it is tiring. My husband and I have 3 kids and they all happened easily. The trials that you are having to go through are so very strong + I love that you are sharing your story!

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  3. Wow- what a journey you have been on! I can’t imagine how you keep up with it all and how you are handling it emotionally. Best wishes and love to you and your family.

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  4. I haven’t been in your place, but many friends of mine have been and I can really understand how painful and stressed can be this process. But stay strong and believe and everything will go well in the end. My best wishes!

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