And our winners are..and our next giveaway..

Sorry so late in anouncing! Everyone was pulled 8 days ago when the contest was over. I have emailed everyone using the email they submitted. I cant wait to create custom vacation packs for all of you! Would you all like a new giveaway soon? What would you like to see?


Surgery Update 3

The finially agreed to do my partners surgery. We put money down so they would give us a payment plan. But honestly it was money we could not spare. With my partner the only one making any money and him having to take time off to be in the hospital 3 times plus the holiday … Continue reading Surgery Update 3

Harry Potter Coloring.

My daughter and I just finished watching the series of movies again! We started talking about going to see Hogwarts at Universal Studios! We looked for a simple printable coloring book and again only came across coloring sheets. Simple little coloring book geared towards any one with an intermediate color skill. Download it here. You … Continue reading Harry Potter Coloring.