Exploring My Passion

Starting to explore my passion! I love photography I have wanted to pick it up for years. I was finally gifted a decent camera and I love learning more about it and how to take better photographs. I would love to make a living with this some day! Here are a few of my shots … Continue reading Exploring My Passion


Has it really been 5 months!?

Wow that's crazy! We're have had a ton happen. None of it has been good news. But that only means the year can get better right?! We are stressed to say the least. This all started with a cold that lasted about 40 days. I couldn't move ortake care of my family let alone work. … Continue reading Has it really been 5 months!?

A Little End of the Summer Fun!

So my kiddo has a bit of a stuffy nose & it's on the chilly side outside today. (55*F) So we wanted to spend the day inside, My And Lillia have the same personality and we get on each other's nerves quite quick when we are cooped up!  So what better way to spend our … Continue reading A Little End of the Summer Fun!

What Mom Thinks │My Fairy Godmother

Has your child ever wished they were in a book they could read? I have just the book for you! This book has your child's photo and name on every page! How amazing is that? and the company has 2 different books for you to choose from My Fairy Godmother/Elf (G/B) and Imagination (G/B). All … Continue reading What Mom Thinks │My Fairy Godmother