Guest Submissions

We are now expecting guest submissions! We are so excited to meet each and everyone of you!

Who am I? I am Sarah and this is a Lifestyle blog! Right now we are blogging about vacation planning, food we couldn’t live without, our lives, and movies we have recently discovered! But we plan to cover so much more.

Who should submit a post? Everyone! I look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you!

What type of posts are excepted? We only except origional write ups and no sales or marketing,

Post guidelines:

600-1000 Words

At least 1 photo but no more then 5 (more MAYBE considered)

Any linked sites must be deemed PG by me & can be embedded

Submission Guidelines:

Word documents prefered by email (or typed direct to email)

Include a funny joke as the first line in the email. (This will NOT be included in the post I just need to make sure your not a robot! Make me laugh)

We can include your headshots (woo!)

We keep the right to edit anything and anyway we see fit. (If it’s a large edit we will contact you first!)